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Charges for operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs (OUI — frequently referred to as DUI) can carry serious penalties. Even a first-time OUI conviction in Connecticut can lead to six months in jail, up to $1,000 in fines and driver's license suspension.

In this hostile legal environment, you need an effective defense attorney on your side.

What you do after a DUI/OUI arrest can make all the difference in your case. Before you plead guilty and risk losing your freedom, money and driver's license, call the Law Office of Jerome Paun to discuss your OUI or motor vehicle charges with a Connecticut OUI/DUI lawyer with more than 25 years of experience. Call toll free 866-787-0119 or send us an e-mail for a free initial consultation.

OUI Defenses in Connecticut

A successful defense against OUI charges is possible.

An OUI case does not hinge on a breathalyzer or blood alcohol test alone. In order to stop a motor vehicle, an officer first must have "probable cause" to suspect the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or has otherwise violated the law.

Second, police officers are required to follow proper procedures when stopping people and asking them to take field sobriety tests. If an officer fails to follow proper procedure or violates constitutional principles, it may be possible to have the OUI charge dismissed and protect your license.

The Law Office of Jerome Paun will carefully examine the evidence, arrest procedure and results of the blood alcohol content tests in your case. Improper police procedure or mistakes in police reports are not uncommon and may help your case. Improper calibration of the breathalyzer, improper machine operation and biological factors can also affect the blood alcohol content test results.

Whenever possible, we will try to stop questionable evidence from being used against you and may even get your case dismissed.

Alcohol Education Program: Your Charges Could Be Dismissed

You may be eligible for a diversionary program in Connecticut called the Alcohol Education Program (AEP). If the court grants your AEP application and if you successfully complete all requirements, the OUI charge against you will be dismissed and you will not have an OUI conviction on your record.

The Law Office of Jerome Paun can help you maximize your chances of getting approved for the AEP and avoiding an OUI conviction.

Contact a Willimantic Attorney for Drunk Driving Defense

For a free consultation with an experienced Connecticut drunk driving attorney, contact the Law Office of Jerome Paun in Willimantic, Connecticut. Call 866-787-0119 today. We represent clients facing OUI and other motor vehicle charges throughout Eastern Connecticut.

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