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Are you required to show police your identification?

There has been much controversy in recent years over so-called "stop and frisk" laws. These allow law enforcement officers to stop people at pat them down if they have "reasonable suspicion" of some sort of criminal activity.

Your defense options should be carefully considered

As the warm summer months continue to march forward, people are going to have parties and other activities. In many cases, these activities are going to involve alcoholic beverages. It is imperative that you take the consumption of alcohol seriously and make sure that you are acting in a responsible manner.

New 'Textalyzer' can spot distracted drivers

Many Connecticut residents work in New York or at least travel there on a regular basis to see a Broadway show or dine in their favorite Manhattan restaurant. Despite laws against texting and driving, too many people just can't stay off their phones.

What you should know about assault allegations

Were you accused of assaulting a fellow Connecticut resident? The act of "assault" refers to the threat or attempt to hurt another individual. Assault does not necessarily involve physical contact, it just has to be the attempt to hurt or harm. Battery is the crime that involves actual physical contact with the intent to harm.

6 university students charged in young woman's death

When young people go off to college, the combination of newfound freedom from parental constraints and easily accessible alcohol can lead to serious -- and sometimes deadly -- errors in judgment. Six students at the University of Connecticut are facing various criminal charges after a 19-year-old woman was fatally struck by a fire department truck belonging to the university last October.

Is 'guilty' the same as 'no contest'?

You have a few different options when you enter a plea in criminal court. This starts, of course, with pleading guilty or not guilty, but you also have the option to plead no contest. What does this do for you, and is it basically the same as pleading guilty?

Can an electronic device be a 'witness' against you?

The ever-increasing sophistication of electronic gadgets in our homes and workplaces has given rise to legal issues regarding privacy. One case that has garnered considerable media attention recently involves an alleged murder where police and prosecutors are seeking access to the information recorded on the victim's Amazon Echo.

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