Internet Crimes

Internet crimes, such as distribution of child pornography and credit card fraud, are a growing concern among those committed to preventing and prosecuting crime. As a result, those accused of wrongdoing can face harsh penalties as a way to deter others from abusing the Web for criminal activity. Unfortunately, in an effort to stop illegal Internet usage, the police may pursue a case with little evidence. While they may have probable cause, the police may arrest someone with little thought as to whether that person intended to commit the crime for which he or she is charged.

At the Law Office of Jerome Paun in Willimantic, we represent clients throughout eastern Connecticut who have been charged with an Internet crime. We provide vigorous defense to help our clients avoid harsh penalties, protect their rights, and preserve their freedom.

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The Experience You Need Against Serious Computer Crimes

Our founder, criminal defense lawyer Jerome Paun , has 35 years of legal experience. He represents clients against all types of cyber crimes, including:

  • Online solicitation of a minor and other computer sex crimes
  • Distribution of child pornography
  • Identity theft
  • Credit card theft
  • Illegal sale of prescription medications and other products
  • Hacking
  • Wire fraud

In any of these cases, the burden is with the prosecutor to prove that someone intended to commit the crime. Doing so is often more difficult than it seems. Even if the evidence seems clear - such as if child pornography was found on the computer - questions arise that can challenge the proof of intent:

  • Did someone else have access to the computer? If so, those pictures may have been downloaded by another person.
  • Did the person charged know he or she was downloading illegal content?
  • Was the computer hacked, or did it receive a virus that uploaded questionable content onto the hard drive?
  • Did the person in possession of the photos or videos know the person was underage?
  • In online solicitation cases, did the accused know he/she was chatting with someone underage?

Attorney Jerome Paun understands online crime cases and the defense strategies available to minimize the impact of a criminal charge. He will use every legal tool available to defend your rights and freedom.

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