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August 2015 Archives

Internet crime charges require early and vigorous legal defense

The term "Internet crime" is a broad one. These crimes come in all varieties. Some, such as child pornography, involve sex. Others involve financial wrongdoing, such as wire or credit card fraud. Still others deal with some kind of invasion of privacy, such as identity theft. Local, state and federal authorities put a great deal of time and resources into preventing and prosecuting Internet or "cyber" crimes.

New England city offers alternative to jail for heroin addicts

Too many Connecticut families have been touched by the scourge of heroin addiction and its tragic effects. New England has been hit particularly hard. Here in Connecticut, 306 deaths were linked to heroin last year. The victims are from large cities and small towns alike.

Alternatives for those charged with domestic violence

Family situations can be fraught with stress, frustration and anger than can sometimes boil over into physical confrontations. These can occur between couples, between a parent and child or they may involve other members of a family. Our readers may remember that last year U.S. Women's Soccer star Hope Solo was arrested for allegedly assaulting her teenage nephew and her half-sister.

Who can be held responsible for a drunk driving accident?

We've got another month before this summer is just another memory and we start digging out the winter clothes to prepare for another Connecticut winter. In the meantime, there will be parties, barbeques and other social gatherings. Many will involve alcohol. So what is the responsibility of hosts to ensure that no one leaves their party drunk and harms or kills someone on the road?

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