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May 2016 Archives

4 people facie multiple charges related to credit card fraud

If you are accused of credit card fraud in Connecticut, you could find yourself facing serious legal consequences. Four people were arrested recently in Westport, Connecticut, for using fraudulent credit cards. They're all now facing multiple charges.

Connecticut ranks third strictest in DUI laws

Every state's DUI laws are different. Even though many states have strengthened DUI penalties, some are more lenient than others. Besides criminal penalties, which can include jail time and administrative penalties, such as the loss of a driver's license, people who are convicted of drunk driving often feel a significant financial impact. This can include fines, fees for installation of an ignition interlock device, the cost of an alcohol education program, increased car insurance rates and potentially lost wages.

How to avoid succumbing to road rage

Incidents of road rage often spike during the summer. Heat and humidity coupled with tourists driving too slowly as they try to find their way around unfamiliar areas can bring out the worst in some drivers. Since the term was introduced almost 30 years ago, "road rage" has come to include everything from aggressive driving and profanity-laced shouting matches to fatal shootings.

Different types of stealing, from larceny to burglary

When charged with stealing something in Connecticut, it's important to know the exact charges that you're facing. There are a few different terms that can be used, depending on how the situation played out, and they may indicate what type of sentence you may be facing.

Does alcohol type change blood alcohol concentration?

If you're trying to decide if you can drive or not after a night out with friends, you may be wondering if the type of alcohol you drink has any impact. Are you more likely to be under the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) if you've had two beers, as opposed to two shots? Are you better off to drink wine or mixed drinks?

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