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Connecticut college student expelled, facing criminal charges

Many college freshmen have difficult relationships with their roommates, with whom they are often randomly paired. However, a young woman who has been expelled from the University of Hartford allegedly took her issues with her roommate to extreme levels. She is facing a charge of criminal mischief and could also face charges involving intimidation based on bigotry.

The threat of permanent deportation after immigrant convictions

When it comes to undocumented immigrants accused of crimes, prosecutors are facing a complicated dilemma. For example, imagine that an undocumented immigrant is accused of drunk driving. This is a serious crime that comes with serious consequences for those who are convicted; however, for an undocumented immigrant the consequences of conviction are even more severe than for an average person.

Taking things that don't belong to you leads to trouble

Taking things that aren't yours is a surefire way to land yourself as the defendant in a criminal case. Even if you think that what you are taking is miniscule, the penalties might reflect otherwise. The same is true if you think that what you are taking isn't really going to affect the party you took it from.

3 warrants are issued in Suffield CVS shoplifting ring

A Suffield Police Department spokesperson announced on Monday, July 17, 2017, that they had identified three suspects believed to have been responsible for shoplifting from the city's CVS Pharmacy. They're alleged to have stolen from the store multiple times between March and May.

Vandalism takes many forms

The crime of vandalism can take many forms. Some types of vandalism are carried out with more innocent intentions than others. Many people consider graffiti, for an example, a means of artistic expression. Egging someone's home or vehicle may seem like a juvenile prank.

How an arson investigation unfolds and its impact on sentencing

Arson is a crime defined as involving an individual purposefully setting fire to a property. While many think of the crime of arson as one that involves damage to a building, an individual can be charged with the crime for having maliciously set fire in the forest or to a boat. Arson is almost always prosecuted as a felony offense given its potential for causing serious bodily harm or death of its victims.

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