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Former Wesleyan student facing drug charges in trouble again

A 22-year-old former student at Wesleyan University has been arrested for the second time in two months. The young man, who was recently expelled from the Middletown, Connecticut, university, was first arrested on drug charges two months ago, along with four other students. He, like some of other students arrested, was studying neuroscience.

2 men arrested, 1 dead after alleged drug deal goes bad

Running from the police in an attempt to evade arrest rarely ends well. A 22-year-old New Milford, Connecticut, man is facing a charge of evading responsibility for a federal crime as well as a drug charge after an alleged attempt to buy crack cocaine from another man. Police say that the drug deal ended in a dispute with the seller.

Is synthetic marijuana legal in Connecticut?

Synthetic drugs that produce long-lasting, intense marijuana-like highs are known by numerous names, including Spice or K2. The drugs are a combination of spices, herbs and chemical compounds that are smoked, eaten or made into tea. So-called fake weed gained popularity because it was once easily accessible, labeled as a "natural" substance and often couldn't be detected in drug tests.

Should Windham parents know their teens' legal rights?

Even the most law abiding Willimantic County residents can have a run-in with the law. You don't have to be guilty of a crime to be accused of one or slapped with criminal charges. Innocent or not, how a defendant responds to an arrest, an interrogation or a judge can be crucial to a case.

Connecticut drug charges: Illegal cultivation and manufacturing

A Connecticut TV station filed a report about a drug bust in December 2014. Among other related charges, a Coventry couple was arrested and charged with marijuana possession and cultivation. Police said the defendants had 10 pounds of marijuana and operated a drug farm in the basement of their home.

Diversionary programs help defendants avoid criminal charges

Pretrial diversionary programs for Connecticut defendants benefit the legal system. The programs preserve the time and talents of judges and attorneys, while reducing the prison population. When the alternative programs work as they are designed to do, Windham defendants are less likely to face future criminal charges.

What Connecticut criminal defense attorneys do?

One of the harshest experiences a Windham resident can face is being charged with a crime. A shock like this shakes even the most even-tempered individual to the roots. Criminal charges have the potential to change the views of family members, colleagues, employers and others, while negatively altering defendants' views of themselves.

Will I be charged with drug possession if I call 911?

Many states, including Connecticut, have enacted laws that provide at least partial immunity for Good Samaritans who seeks medical help for themselves or others for drug overdoses. The laws were passed after lawmakers realized overdose victims and observers weren't calling 911 or trying to get medical assistance for fear of facing drug charges.

Mother missing with child for 10 years faces criminal charges

Child custody disputes usually are resolved in Connecticut family law courts. Sometimes, conflicts between parents escalate and criminal charges are applied. Custodial interference involves keeping a child from a parent with custodial rights, which, in some circumstances, can lead to a felony criminal charge of kidnapping.

Drug charges: Diversionary programs

When someone is charged with a crime, one of the first things that comes to mind is the possible consequences of a conviction. Depending on the severity of the charge, a conviction can mean anything from probation to significant prison time. In some cases, it may be possible to challenge the evidence and get the case dismissed, but there is another option as well: diversionary programs.

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