Juvenile Defense

At the Law Office of Jerome Paun, we receive calls from parents and guardians whose children are facing juvenile delinquency charges. Naturally, they are very concerned about what the future holds for their children. Attorney Paun effectively defends under 17 year old juveniles against a wide variety of criminal charges, including but not limited to: assault, sexual assault, breach of peace, disorderly conduct, burglary, larceny, robbery, criminal mischief, possession of alcohol by a minor, possession of marijuana or other drugs and controlled substances, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. We believe that every young person deserves a chance to turn his or her life around and we can help them get that chance.

Your Child Has Constitutional Rights

Don't let your child talk to the police without a criminal defense lawyer representing him or her. The police are not kidding when they tell you that anything your child says can and will be used against him or her in court. Despite what they might tell you and your child, if your child is under arrest or investigation, the police are not there to help your child!

If the police want to interview your minor, as a parent or guardian you have the right to be present during questioning and to insist that your child's attorney be present too. With competent juvenile defense counsel present, your youngster won't answer questions that might hurt him or her in court.

Your Child Needs Effective Legal Defense

When you appear in juvenile court, you and your child will be confronted with the power of a juvenile prosecutor, juvenile probation officer, a juvenile court judge, and possibly Department of Children and Families (DCF) investigators and social workers. To improve your chances of achieving a successful outcome for your child, you need a skillful juvenile defense lawyer to counsel you and your child, to negotiate with the prosecutor, and to represent your child in court. Please call the Law Office of Jerome Paun toll-free at 866.787.0119 or send us an e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation. We can help you.

Kids Deserve a Break

Juvenile defense attorney Jerome Paun works hard to achieve an outcome that keeps youngster's juvenile record clean whenever possible. At The Law Office of Jerome Paun , we are experienced in defending against juvenile delinquency charges and will work hard to achieve the best possible result for your minor child.

Attorney Jerome Paun represents elementary, middle school, and high school students on many different criminal charges, including:

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