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Driver's License Suspension in Windham County

Should You Challenge the DMV Suspension of Your Driver's License?

Has your license been suspended after your OUI/DUI arrest? The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can suspend your driver's license for more than 90 days after an OUI arrest. If convicted of a first-offense OUI, you can face license suspension for up to one year.

License suspension is an often under-appreciated penalty to an OUI/DUI. Imagine constantly asking friends for a ride to work, school or the grocery store. For people who rely on their operators' licenses as a profession, the consequences are even more severe. Much of our freedom depends on our ability to drive, an ability that can be revoked upon an arrest, not just a conviction, for OUI.

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A Connecticut arrest for OUI involves two separate but related proceedings:

  • An administrative per se suspension hearing at the DMV to determine whether your driver's license or privilege to drive in Connecticut should be suspended by the DMV.
  • A criminal proceeding in superior court to determine if you are guilty of operating under the influence (OUI) and, if you are, the penalties to be imposed by the court, including another suspension of your driver's license or right to drive in Connecticut.

At The Law Office of Jerome Paun, we have the experience to represent you in both proceedings. Requesting a DMV per se license suspension hearing may enable us to use the DMV process to learn facts that can be helpful in the criminal court proceeding. If you retain our services soon after your arrest, we can intervene early to ensure you meet all filing and notification deadlines regarding your right to an administrative per se license suspension hearing. Please call The Law Office of Jerome Paun for an appointment to discuss what you should do.

Should you challenge the DMV suspension of your driver's license?

Unless you successfully challenge the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) per se license suspension, your driver’s license or privilege to drive in Connecticut will be suspended for 45 days.

After an OUI arrest, you should receive a letter from the DMV informing you that your Connecticut driver’s license or privilege to drive in Connecticut will be suspended for 45 days beginning at midnight on the 30th day after your arrest. It will also inform you that after your 45 day suspension, you will need to have installed (at your own expense) an ignition interlock device (IID) for a period of time. This DMV imposed license suspension and IID installation is separate from and in addition to any license suspension and IID installation ordered by a court if you plead guilty to or are convicted of DUI.

The DMV letter will also tell you that you have a right to appeal this suspension by calling the phone number in the letter and requesting a hearing. Before you do anything, please call The Law Office of Jerome Paun for an appointment to discuss what you should do.

The police may have taken your driver’s license when you were arrested. If they did, you can have your driver’s license returned to you the next day, 24 hours after it was taken. This is not a license suspension. But it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle without your driver’s license. So, before you drive, get your driver’s license back from the police.

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