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A conviction on a domestic or family violence charge can adversely affect not only your career and job prospects, but also your family life. It may even cause you to lose your child visitation rights, affect your divorce, and land you in jail.

Put simply, a domestic violence charge should not be brushed aside as an inconvenience. It is a serious charge with very real and devastating consequences if you are convicted, and it requires the help of an experienced lawyer. Windham County domestic violence attorney Jerome Paun has 35 years of legal experience defending clients from serious criminal charges.

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Domestic Violence in the Presence of a Minor Child

If a minor child was present in your home when the alleged domestic violence occurred, you may be charged with risk of injury to a minor child, a serious felony charge. Such a charge can prevent you from applying for the Family Violence Education Program (FVEP), which allows alleged domestic offenders the ability to resolve their charges without a criminal conviction.

In addition, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) may become involved with you and your family. DCF may charge you with neglect and/or abuse of your children, and attempt to terminate or otherwise interfere with your parental rights.

The best way to fight these consequences is to work with an experienced domestic violence defense attorney.

A Criminal Defense Firm Experienced in Handling Family Violence Cases

The Law Office of Jerome Paun has successfully defended many clients facing domestic or family violence crimes, including DCF child neglect and abuse charges. We have also effectively represented clients in family court hearings regarding temporary restraining orders or orders of protection. We will work hard to defend your rights, preserve your freedom, and protect your future.

Building a Strong Defense

Many domestic violence or spousal abuse charges occur during the divorce process or in child custody disputes. Unfortunately, in these situations, one spouse may try to obtain an advantage over the other by making false or exaggerated accusations.

The Law Office of Jerome Paun will work hard to build a strong defense against the domestic violence charges you face. We will carefully listen to you and investigate the events leading up to the charges. What is the context of the domestic abuse accusation? Did the alleged victim start the fight? Is there a custody issue at stake?

Understanding the context of the event can help us prepare an effective defense strategy on your behalf. Our goal is to obtain a dismissal of the charges, a negotiated plea agreement that minimizes the penalties you face, or a not-guilty verdict after trial.

First-Time Offenders: Family Violence Education Program

First-time offenders may be eligible for the Family Violence Education Program (FVEP) to terminate a criminal prosecution and avoid a criminal conviction for domestic violence offenses.

Not everyone is eligible for the FVEP, and not everyone who applies will be granted the FVEP. Nevertheless, if you are eligible for the FVEP, attorney Jerome Paun will do his best to persuade the judge to grant your FVEP application, even over the prosecutor's objection, if necessary.

For Those Who Need Help

Some domestic violence or spousal assault charges come about as the result of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or mental health issues. If you deal with burdens such as these, the Law Office of Jerome Paun can direct you to a social service agency or treatment program that can help you. Your participation in a treatment program may enable us to resolve your case in a way that avoids a criminal conviction and/or incarceration.

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