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The Law Office of Jerome Paun is open to defend you! We will continue providing criminal defense consultations concerning government investigations, arrests, criminal court appearances, and case preparation, during this COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic. As always, initial criminal case consultations are free. Please call or email us to schedule your consultation.

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Windham County

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When you find yourself facing criminal charges of any kind, what you do next can have a huge impact on your future. It is extremely important to act quickly and decisively to retain a Windham County criminal defense lawyer who understands the laws surrounding your charges, as well as the complexities surrounding your unique case. At The Law Office of Jerome Paun, Attorney Paun has decades of experience handling criminal defense and is committed to helping clients protect their rights, their reputation, and their freedom.

Our Philosophy

At The Law Office of Jerome Paun, we believe that rights are like muscles – if they are not regularly exercised, they atrophy and wither away. We help clients exercise their constitutional rights: to remain silent, to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, to have a lawyer, to have a jury trial, to examine and cross-examine witnesses, to confront their accusers. Those constitutional rights and the criminal defense lawyers who vigorously defend them are our protection against becoming a police state. We take great pride in defending our liberty and democracy as well as our clients.

The Law Office of Jerome Paun Can Help

Whether you are facing relatively minor misdemeanor charges or much more serious charges such as violent crimes, you need an attorney behind you that is willing to put in the work to defend your rights. At The Law Office of Jerome Paun, our Windham County criminal defense attorney has everything you need to fight these accusations and defend your future.

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    Attorney Jerome Paun has almost 40 years of legal experience.

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    Our firm handles a broad range of criminal law matters.

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    Attorney Paun was named an Avvo Clients Choice Award winner.

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