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Criminal Defense of College Students in Windham County

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If you are a student at Eastern Connecticut State University, the University of Connecticut, Connecticut College, or one of the community colleges in Eastern Connecticut and you are facing criminal charges, The Law Office of Jerome Paun can help you. We know you are probably feeling scared and confused. You may be worried about how your parents will react if they find out. You're probably worried about how the criminal charges might affect your education and your future. A criminal conviction may not only result in your incarceration but also your suspension or expulsion from college, exclusion from campus housing, and loss of financial aid. Your future is at stake!

A Skilled Windham County Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Minimize Adverse Consequences

The short and long-term effects of a mistake may be minimized with a skillful criminal defense attorney, like Attorney Paun, helping you. Don't go to court alone, even if your friends have in the past and you think you can handle it yourself. Unless you are an auto mechanic, you probably wouldn't think of fixing your car when it breaks down. Criminal charges are too serious to try to take care of on your own. Your education and future are at stake. You could end up with a criminal conviction and other adverse consequences that could be avoided with competent criminal defense counsel.

We understand how frightening it can be to face criminal charges, but we are prepared to stand beside you and help you through. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

College Disciplinary Proceedings Make Things Worse

In addition to the criminal charges that could cost you your freedom, you are also probably about to face college disciplinary proceedings that could result in your discipline, including suspension or expulsion from college, and/or your eviction and exclusion from campus housing. This situation creates a serious dilemma for college student defendants. Unlike non-student defendants, college student defendants facing college disciplinary proceedings will feel compelled to defend themselves by making statements to college officials. While your failure to defend yourself in a college disciplinary proceeding may have adverse effects on your education at the college, defending yourself by making a statement may result in even more serious adverse consequences in court as your statements can and will be used against you there. You have some very serious decisions to make that will affect your future. Don't make those potentially life-changing decisions without the help of a competent criminal defense counselor like Attorney Paun.

The Law Office of Jerome Paun Can Help You Protect Your Rights In Court & On Campus

You have rights, and we want to protect them in a way that minimizes adverse consequences not only in court but also on campus. The most important rights are the right to remain silent and to be represented by an attorney but most colleges prohibit lawyers from representing students in disciplinary proceedings. In many cases though, we have found that with proper coaching from Attorney Paun, students can effectively represent themselves at college disciplinary proceedings, minimizing adverse consequences there, while still preserving their constitutional right against self-incrimination. To accomplish this it is most important that you consult with and retain competent criminal defense lawyer before you talk to the police, other campus officials, or participate in college disciplinary proceedings.

Important Things to Remember:

  • Don't talk to your friends about the incident resulting in your criminal charges either.
  • If things you have told them are discovered by the police or others investigating the incident, your friends could be compelled to testify against you in court.
  • If you do not specifically authorize us to talk to your parents, we won't.
  • Your communications with us are lawyer-client privileged communications that we are not at liberty to divulge to others, even your parents, unless you give us your permission to do so.

Providing Skilled Criminal Defense

At The Law Office of Jerome Paun, we will provide you with a skilled college student criminal defense lawyer who fights to protect the rights of college students accused of criminal charges, including but not limited to:

  • Felony drug charges
  • Violent crimes, such as assault and sexual assault
  • Using or making fake ID's
  • Drug possession, sales, and manufacture
  • Possession of alcohol by a minor
  • Breach of peace and disorderly conduct
  • Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs OUI/DUI

Youthful Offenders

If you are under 18 years old, you may be treated as a youthful offender (YO). If so, any criminal conviction record that results from a YO conviction will be sealed from public view and your YO criminal record will be erased when you attain the age of 21 if you have not been convicted of a felony after your YO conviction but before your 21st birthday. Please click on and read the alternatives to jail / diversionary programs link on this website for more information about YO and other programs that may save you from a criminal conviction record and/or a jail sentence.

Getting a Skilled Advocate in Your Corner

Dedicated Windham County college student defense attorney Jerome Paun can be present during police interviews and advise you on answering questions. If you provide false information to the police, for example, you may be arrested for that alone. He is also available for pre-arrest counsel to provide input during the police investigation.

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We have defended many college and high school students in Eastern Connecticut and have achieved favorable results in many cases. Please call us toll-free at (860) 455-4202.

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