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Hartford man investigated for fraud, accused of assault


Most of our readers are familiar with the concept of white collar crime - that is, financial crimes that usually involve the unlawful appropriation of money with which one has been entrusted. Often, white collar crime cases are complex and time consuming, as authorizers work through years of financial transactions to determine which ones, if any, have been done improperly.

These crimes are rarely mixed with violence. Sometimes, however, the strain of being under a federal investigation can make one act rashly, leading to poor decisions and possibly, criminal charges.

A Connecticut man is currently in the spotlight of a federal investigation after his insurance company came under fire for possible fraud. The man is the chief executive officer of Hybrid Insurance Group and was working as the insurance broker for the city of Hartford. Federal authorities are investigating how he came to obtain this position in Hartford and to determine the whereabouts of approximately $670,000 that has allegedly gone missing. The money was from excess liability premiums sent from the city treasurer to Hybrid. It was apparently supposed to be sent back to local businesses, but it has gone unaccounted for.

Amidst this investigation, which has undoubtedly been stressful for the man, he has gotten into a different type of legal trouble: He has reportedly been charged with assault. Sources say he was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct, third-degree assault and second-degree threatening. The man said he had no comment on the nature of the charges.

White collar crime and assault cover two very different areas of criminal defense. Both are serious in their own way, and both will result in significant black marks on the defendant's records if convicted. In addition to possible fines and jail time, anyone convicted of such crimes could see significant difficulty in obtaining employment in the future.

Source:  WVIT-TV, "O'Garro Charged With Assault, Threatening, Disorderly Conduct" Ari Mason, Nov. 17, 2013