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Theft: What are the possible defense strategies?


Connecticut residents charged with theft may initially feel overwhelmed with or fearful of the upcoming court proceedings, and that's perfectly normal. It's also normal and important to want to know what all of the options are for defending against charges of property crimes. It is certainly possible for someone to be wrongfully accused, but in situations where the theft did happen, there are still options available.

If, for example, a defendant was under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other type of substance, an intoxication defense may be a viable option. This defense strategy depends on whether or not the defendant can successfully prove that he or she was intoxicated at the time of the crime and therefore, unable to actually intend to take the property. In some cases, people under the influence of a substance may believe that the items really are theirs to take.

Similar to the intoxication defense but without the intoxication, defendants may be able to present the argument that they believed that the property in questions was rightfully theirs and able to be claimed. This may be a defense option for theft accusations involving divorcing or separating parties where one spouse or partner takes an item from the home and is later accused of theft.

Every case is unique and which defense strategies may be able to be put into play depend on the particular details of the situation. A person experienced in defending those accused with theft or other property crimes can explain the different options to the defendant and help prepare the person for what to expect going into court.

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