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Connecticut father and son suspected of drug crimes


An arrest doesn't automatically mean jail time, even when the evidence seems to suggest otherwise. There are often negotiating options available to someone who faces drug charges or other criminal allegations. When more than one suspect is involved in a particular crime, an effective defense strategy can make a difference in the outcome.

In a nearby Connecticut town, an arrest warrant was recently issued for a father and his son. It is suspected they were operating an in-home meth lab, using a method reported to be very dangerous because of its volatile nature. Reports are that the process can result in fires and explosions.

The drug, which can be nearly 90 percent pure, is made by combining household products and over-the-counter cold medicine such as pseudoephedrine. Shaking or rolling the containers holding the mixture produces the methamphetamine without the required heat source and delay of the usual technique.

Neither man was at home when a search warrant was executed. The father was arrested later on multiple drug charges, including possession of drug paraphernalia and operating a drug factory. The 49-year-old faces the additional criminal charge of reckless endangerment because of the alleged method of manufacture that created risk to neighbors. He is currently out on bond and will enter his plea with the court in March. His son, 24, is already out on bond on unrelated charges requiring his court appearance in February.

According to police, the search and seizure netted, among many drug-related items, lithium and other batteries, empty Sudafed boxes, and white residue that field-tested positive for meth. Both men have criminal records. The suspect father was previously convicted of a narcotics charged, and his son's pending hearing is related to burglary and larceny charges. The judge in this matter has sealed the search warrants. The reason is not reported.

Regardless of the evidence, suspects' rights must be protected under the law. Prior arrests or convictions don't prevent the granting of bail or negotiating on the charges that are pending. A strong defense strategy is fitting under any circumstances.

Source:, "Northfield father-son pair face drug charges for alleged meth lab" Isaac Avilucea, Feb. 04, 2014