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Connecticut man charged in shooting despite uncooperative victim


Whether preplanned or the result of an emotionally charged situation, a fight can lead to assault charges or even more serious charges. Some altercations can lead to felony charges. Despite what television shows may illustrate, just because a victim doesn't press charges doesn't mean a person won't face arrest. Even with an uncooperative victim, police arrested a Connecticut man in relation to an assault that occurred in October 2013.

According to police, the incident occurred behind a building. Two men had an argument, say police. The argument resulted in one man hitting the other with a beer bottle. That caused lacerations to the head of the victim.

A friend of the man who struck out with the beer bottle then hit the other man with a baseball bat. The initial assailant then shot the victim in the leg. According to police, the victim was not cooperative with the investigation despite his injuries.

According to police, the shooter stole jewelry from the victim before leaving the scene. The police are charging a Connecticut man as the shooter. Charges include first-degree reckless endangerment and assault, first-degree robbery, illegally firing a firearm and criminal use of a weapon.

The man's attorney is asking for a reduction in the $350,000 bond. He also reports that his client will fight the charges. The man's arraignment was held Tuesday, Jan. 21 and is likely the first of several court appearances.

Understanding the bevy of charges that can be leveled in a violent incident and how to defend against each allegation is important to an overall case. Knowledge of the law, in general and for a specific location and court, can also help an accused stay free prior to and following a trial.

Source: The Hartford Courant, "Hartford Man Charged In Garden Street Shooting" David Owens, Jan. 21, 2014