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Former football player faces drug charges


Charges of possession of a controlled substance can seriously affect a person's reputation and standing in the community, and for those who are well-known, the effect may be even greater. When the charges involve intent to sell or distribution of drugs, the public may be even quicker to pass judgment. Those in the public eye often have to endure more intense scrutiny from the media, which can turn a mistake into a major event.

In one recent case, a Connecticut man is facing two counts of selling oxycodone, a prescription painkiller. The 39-year-old man also happens to be a former player in the National Football League. Gennaro DiNapoli played in the NFL for seven seasons, as a guard and center, and was on the Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys and Tennessee Titans teams.

According to reports, DiNapoli allegedly sold oxycodone pills to undercover agents working for the Drug Enforcement Administration. Court documents state that the 330 pills were sold over the course of two transactions that occurred in the months of April and May. The pills were reportedly worth more than $6,000. DiNapoli was released after posting $150,000 bond, and his next court appearance is scheduled for June 17 in Danbury Superior Court.

In most cases, those facing drug charges do not have to have the situation played out for all to see over national media, but these accusations can have lasting effects on a person's ability to find a job or resume his or her normal activities within the community. Understanding the charges and possible consequences is the first step in defending against them.

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