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2 men arrested, 1 dead after alleged drug deal goes bad


Running from the police in an attempt to evade arrest rarely ends well. A 22-year-old New Milford, Connecticut, man is facing a charge of evading responsibility for a federal crime as well as a drug charge after an alleged attempt to buy crack cocaine from another man. Police say that the drug deal ended in a dispute with the seller.

The man was driving a pickup truck in which a 23-year-old Bethel man was a passenger. The Bethel man was charged only with attempting to buy drugs and was released pending a later court date. The driver, however, is in jail on $750,000 bond.

The 35-year-old Waterbury man who was allegedly attempting to sell the crack cocaine fared worst of all. Police say that after they fought over money, the driver sped off. However, they say that the alleged drug dealer hung onto the truck while fighting with the other man. He fell from the truck onto the road in Waterbury. He was transported to the hospital for treatment, but he succumbed to his injuries just a half hour after arriving.

Connecticut prosecutors and judges take drug charges very seriously. A person convicted of a drug offense may have to deal with the ramifications of it for the rest of his or her life. Young people may feel the impact of their poor choices for the rest of their lives as they seek to find work, buy a home or take many life steps that most of us take for granted. It's essential to have a Connecticut criminal defense attorney who has experience representing defendants facing drug charges by your side.

Source: NBC Connecticut, "Police Arrest Two Suspects in Fatal Crack Cocaine Dealing Scuffle in Waterbury: Police," April. 06, 2015