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1989 theft warrant leads man to turn himself into police


A 60-year-old man recently went into the Norwalk Police Department to turn himself in on a warrant that was issued decades ago for a 1989 theft. The man, who was living in Florida, found out about the warrant when he received a piece of mail stating that he had a warrant. He opted to fly to Connecticut to face the charge instead of trying to run from it.

The warrant comes from a theft case involving the now-closed Norwalk Jewish Center. A television was stolen from the center. Police were able to track the television down. When they found the television, the man who was in possession of the television told the officers that he received the television to repay a debt owed to him. That man gave the officers the man's name who recently turned himself in.

At the time when the television was found and the warrant was issued, police officers attempted to serve the warrant to the man who turned himself in. They were unable to locate him at that time.

When the man turned himself in, the arrest warrant was finally issued to him. He was released on the third-degree larceny charge with a promise to appear at his court date, which occurred on April 19.

Trying to run from a warrant isn't something that is advisable. If you know you have an active warrant, you should explore your options for turning yourself into the police department. By taking proper steps, such as learning your rights, before you turn yourself in, you might be able to help your defense.

Source: The Hour, "Florida man turns self in for 1989 theft," Francis Carr Jr., April 13, 2016