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Making a good impression in court is essential


At The Law Office of Jerome Paun, one of our responsibilities is to help our clients make the best possible impression when they appear in court. Whether you're in court before a judge for a preliminary hearing or on trial in front of a jury, your appearance and demeanor will play a role in how those who will determine your future perceive you. Prosecutors who have the authority to determine the charges you will face and whether or not a plea agreement will be negotiated.

For both men and women, it's best to dress conservatively. The more business-like your wardrobe, the better. If you don't have a suit, that's fine. However, you want to show everyone in court that you take the matter seriously. Clean, pressed clothing is important. You don't want to look like you're ready to go out for a night on the town, nor do you want to dress too casually. Cover any tattoos and keep jewelry to a minimum. Think of it as dressing for a job interview -- except that there may be far more at stake.

Of course, how you act is even more important. It's essential to be polite and respectful to everyone you encounter in the courthouse, from the parking attendant to bailiffs to attorneys -- and of course to the judge.

However, be very careful about what you say and to whom. Assume that anything you say can be overheard and potentially used against you. Assume that you're always being observed, as well. If a jury is being chosen for your case, potential jurors will be watching you. Be aware of your expressions and actions at all times.

We always caution our clients to turn off their phones and other electronic devices in court. You need to show that what's going on there has your full attention.

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