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Willimantic man facing multiple drug-related charges

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If police officers catch you with drugs or engaging in some sort of drug-related activity, it's not advisable to try to then consume the drugs. It can just add a charge of destruction of evidence to any other charges against you. A Willimantic man is facing that charge, along with a number of others, following his arrest on March 11.

Willimantic police say that they had been watching the 53-year-old man for several months for alleged drug-related activity. They said that as detectives were preparing to arrest him, they witnessed him making a drug sale. When they chased him, they say that he started putting cocaine packaged in small bags into his mouth.

Police already had two warrants for his arrest. However, after they caught up to him, they charged him with possession of drug paraphernalia, maintaining a drug factory, selling narcotics and destruction of evidence. In addition to 69 bags of cocaine allegedly found on him, police say that they found $5,000 worth of cocaine in his apartment on Bridge Street. As a precaution, officers took him to Windham Hospital.

It's understandable that if you are confronted by law enforcement officers, your first instinct may be to try to evade them and to dispose of evidence. People panic in these situations and often do things that will only make their predicament worse. It's best to cooperate with law enforcement while not saying or doing anything that will incriminate you. It's also essential to assert your right to call an attorney. A Connecticut criminal defense attorney will work to protect your rights.

Source: MassLive, "Connecticut man arrested as he tries to eat drugs," Dave Canton, March 12, 2016

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