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Don't face shoplifting charges alone


As the Christmas shopping season starts to get into full swing, the temptation by some people to shoplift can become overwhelming. Maybe it's a gift that someone would like to buy that they just can't afford. Maybe it's a small trinket among many on a counter that's easy to slip into a bag.

On the other hand, sometimes in the frenzy of trying to get your shopping and all of your other Christmas errands done, you unwittingly leave a store with an item you've forgotten you were carrying.

Whatever the situation, if you're charged with shoplifting, you could be facing serious consequences. Although shoplifting is a theft crime, it's important to realize that you don't actually have to leave a store with an item to be arrested. Shoplifting also includes intentionally concealing merchandise that hasn't been purchased, even if you haven't yet left the premises.

Any charge of shoplifting should be taken seriously. Besides possible jail time and fines, a conviction for shoplifting can hamper your ability to get employment or even a loan. Students convicted of shoplifting can find that it can prevent them from getting into the college of their choice.

At The Law Office of Jerome Paun, we know the stakes and we seek the best possible outcome for our clients' individual situations. Whenever possible, we work to get the charges dismissed. If that's not possible, we will provide a vigorous defense. Whatever the situation, we use our experience in these cases to mitigate the consequences of the shoplifting charge on your life or that of your child.