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3 warrants are issued in Suffield CVS shoplifting ring

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A Suffield Police Department spokesperson announced on Monday, July 17, 2017, that they had identified three suspects believed to have been responsible for shoplifting from the city's CVS Pharmacy. They're alleged to have stolen from the store multiple times between March and May.

At the time of their announcement, one man had been taken into custody and another is currently being held at a Massachusetts jail on unrelated charges. The third suspect was last reported as still being at large.

Two of the suspects are 27-year-old Enfield men. They are believed to have conspired to shoplift from Suffield CVS store on at least two different occasions between the months of March and May of 2017. One was taken into custody by Hartford's Police Department on July 15. He was soon thereafter turned over to police in Suffield. As for his co-defendant, he is still at large.

Among the witnesses to the crime, they all noted that they saw both Enfield men leaving the store in a maroon-colored sedan at the time of each suspected theft. The vehicle they were thought to have been driving at the time was a Saturn.

The third defendant is a 26-year-old Indian Orchard, Massachusetts, resident. He's suspected to have shoplifted from the same CVS location during March alone. Although he's locked up in Massachusetts, the Connecticut State Attorney's Office has already initiated contact to have the man returned to Suffield to face the shoplifting charges waged against him.

When initially questioned about his involvement in the case by Agwam Police Department in Massachusetts, he identified himself by another friend's name. Shortly thereafter, they discovered his ruse and arrested him in Springfield later that same day.

It's then that they determined the man had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for both forgery and obstruction of justice in Massachusetts. He will be required to complete that sentence before he is sent to Connecticut to face the new charges.

As for what the men are alleged to have stolen, it includes dental products. One item, an electric toothbrush, retails for around $250.

If convicted, the men face having to pay restitution, heavy fines and jail time. If you've been charged having stolen merchandise from a retail store, then a Windham, Connecticut, theft attorney may be able to help you devise a defense strategy in your legal case.

Source:, "Suffield police make arrest in CVS shoplifting sprees; more arrests pending," Hannah Conroy, July 17, 2017

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