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Why you need a lawyer even if you haven't been arrested

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Have you been notified by authorities that you're being investigated for alleged criminal activity, or do you believe that you may be the subject of an investigation? Perhaps police officers or other authorities have shown up at your home or workplace just to "chat."

It's best to secure legal counsel before you talk to any authorities well before you find yourself under arrest. Experienced criminal defense attorneys can provide guidance and protect your rights.

When people believe they've done nothing wrong, or even when they know that they have, they too often talk to law enforcement officers and other authorities on their own. It's essential to remember that not only are you not required to answer their questions. You must avoid this unless you have an attorney present.

At The Law Office of Jerome Paun, we represent people who are under investigation or who are being questioned by authorities. We will inform those authorities that we are representing you and that all interviews are to be arranged through us.

If an arrest is imminent, we can work with authorities so that you can surrender without having officers come to your home or office and take you out in handcuffs in front of your family, neighbors or colleagues. We'll be there with you every step of the way, from securing bail through a trial or plea deal, if it comes to that.

If you obtain an attorney, that doesn't imply that you're guilty of anything. It is simply a wise thing to do if you're involved in a criminal investigation.

Recently, there have been reports that multiple people associated with the Trump administration, for example, have retained legal counsel. If you're going to be questioned by some of the best attorneys and law enforcement officials around, that's a prudent step, whether you've violated the law or not.

To find out more about our pre-arrest services and all of the areas of criminal law that we handle here in the Willimantic area, we invite you to review our website.

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