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2 Connecticut men face robbery charges


Penalties can vary widely in criminal cases involving burglary and theft. From serious consequences related to larceny to less-threatening charges of shoplifting, possible consequences often depend on how much was allegedly stolen and how the robbery took place. In a recent Connecticut case, the robbery also included weapons, which could impact consequences.

Two men allegedly robbed a gas station in Connecticut on the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 18. The suspects, who were apprehended following a police search, are being charged with possessing weapons in a vehicle, robbery, reckless endangerment and larceny. According to reports, the men stole several hundred dollars from the store.

Police report that the men were wearing black clothing. They entered the gas station shortly after 9:00 p.m. One man showed the clerk that he was holding a gun. The other man pushed the cashier toward the register after grabbing his shirt.

After taking money from the register, the men fled from the store, according to police. Police located the men in their vehicle following witness reports that the men got into a red truck after the alleged robbery. When officers tried to stop the truck, the suspects attempted to drive away.

The truck crashed into a snow bank along the road. One man exited the truck and attempted to run from officers. With the help of a police dog, officers found the man. The other man was arrested at the truck.

When facing multiple charges, no matter how inconsequential they may seem, it's important to understand the details of each charge and possible legal consequences. A strong defense takes into account every charge, as well as the impact of all charges on each other.

Source: News 8, "2 charged with gas station armed robbery" No author given, Dec. 18, 2013