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Three arrested in Connecticut gas station drug raid


In Connecticut, as in the rest of the nation, drug charges can range from minor crimes to serious allegations that carry the potential for huge fines and long prison sentences. The consequences for a drug possession conviction, for example, are very different from those associated with drug trafficking. For this reason, building a defense often involves seeking to lower charges if a complete dismissal isn't possible.

Three men in Connecticut are facing various drug-related charges after arrests were made on Nov. 28 around 8:00 p.m. at a gas station. One man was cited with a possession of marijuana charge. Another man, who was a clerk at the gas station, posted a $5,000 bond associated with several charges, including possession of drugs.

The third man, a 28-year-old, was charged with more serious allegations. He posted a bond of $20,000 related to charges of narcotics possession and intent to sell. According to police, over $1,000 in cash, some narcotics and six ounces of marijuana were seized at the scene.

Police report that they witnessed the drug deal taking place. They were watching the gas station after a tip informed them of drug activity in the area. The gas station was an A Plus Sunoco station in Branford.

When police believe they have witnessed a drug deal taking place, there can be strong testimonial evidence against a defendant. The seizure of drugs, money and/or paraphernalia at the scene may also work against a person charged with drug crimes. When a defendant understands his or her legal rights and defense options, including plea bargain or reduced charges, that defendant and legal team can seek the most positive outcome possible.

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