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Connecticut man arrested on driving while intoxicated charges


Local authorities in Glastonbury recently brought a Connecticut man into custody on allegations that he was driving under the influence. The police claim he was driving so erratically that he nearly ran them over with his vehicle prior to the arrest. The man must now face driving while intoxicated charges in court.

According to law enforcement officers, the incident occurred at approximately 1:30 a.m. on a recent Saturday. Police allege that they were in the process of tending to a routine traffic stop when the 33-year-old man nearly drove over the top of them. Several patrol cars where in the vicinity with their emergency lights activated when the man allegedly tried to drive directly through the middle of them. Fortunately, no one was hit and no injuries were reported in connection with this man's arrest.

Officers pursued the man and eventually pulled him over. After performing an investigation, they decided to arrest him on DUI charges. He was detained on bond of $2,500 and his first court appearance was scheduled for April 23.

Connecticut drivers are frequently arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated, but just because they are arrested does not mean they will ultimately be found guilty of the charge. Indeed, each individual has the right to assert legal defenses in order to get their allegations dropped or dismissed. Even in cases where the evidence presented by the prosecution is particularly strong, powerful legal strategies are available to significantly better one's legal circumstance and lessen the severity of potential punishments in the event of conviction.

Source: NBC Connecticut, "Man Charged With DUI Almost Hit Officers: Cops" No author given, Apr. 07, 2014