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2 men accused of organizing a drug crime ring


Two men, one of whom was forced to leave Connecticut College due to various allegations of criminal activity, have been arrested on drug charges in a neighboring state. According to authorities, the men were organizing the sale of drugs to children at private schools. The drug crimes allegations relate to the distribution of hash oil, marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy.

The district attorney who is handling the prosecution of their criminal cases says that the men were trying to make money. The DA further alleged that the men, ages 25 and 18, would do anything in order to protect their business goals. Officials allege that the 25-year-old man was the mastermind of the project and that he organized the shipment of large quantities of pot in order to sell at prestigious private schools. One of the schools was where the two men had graduated from.

The criminal defense attorney who is representing the 25-year-old man said that his client is concerned about mandatory punishment minimums that apply to his alleged crimes. The defense attorney for the 18-year-old says his client met the 25-year-old man when he was susceptible to influence -- during a difficult period in his life. The attorney went on to say that his client would take responsibility for his actions but that he only participated in the conspiracy for a small amount of time.

The police investigation into this case began last January and thus far it has resulted in eight arrests. Those who have been accused in this matter will face different levels of drug crime accusations, depending on their alleged involvement in the supposed drug distribution conspiracy. Some may wish to enter into a plea bargain arrangement with prosecutors depending the strength of the evidence being brought against them; however, plea bargains are not the right choice for every defendant and should not be entered into without serious consideration of the facts.

Source: CNN, "Authorities: Drug ring targeting top suburban Philly schools busted" Greg Botelho and Stephanie Gallman, Apr. 23, 2014