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Connecticut trooper faces drunk driving charges


Whether someone has a single drink with dinner or several at a club or party, they could end up facing a drunk driving charge if they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Many times, individuals don't realize they are over the legal limit or impaired when they drive after drinking. Whether that is the case for a Connecticut state police trooper is unknown, but the officer has been charged with drunk driving following an accident that occurred in mid February.

An officer responding to the scene of the accident in question says he took the state trooper's police equipment and handgun at the scene. According to reports, the trooper's police cruiser sustained heavy damages in the crash. The trooper, who was injured during the incident, was treated by staff at Windham Hospital.

The trooper, who is 43 years old, was charged with drunk driving after his release from the hospital. He was also charged with failing to maintain his lane. The officer was released on a bail of $500. The officer has also been placed on administrative leave pending both an internal investigation into the matter as well as a court date on March 5.

Defense strategies for drunk driving charges vary widely by case. Strategies should take into account a person's criminal and DUI history as well as the circumstances of the incident. Results of a drunk driving charge can range from community service and driving classes to time spent in prison.

The purpose of a defense is to minimize the damage a DUI charge can have to someone's future employment, freedom and social life. Understanding all applicable laws and how to maneuver the court and criminal system is important to the best outcome.

Source: NBC Connecticut, "State Police Trooper Charged With Drunken Driving" Ari Mason, Feb. 24, 2014