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Stamford area bouncers arrested on drug charges while at work

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Last week, police arrested two bouncers employed at a bar located on Stillwater Avenue in Stamford, Connecticut on drug charges. Allegedly, the two bouncers had been distributing cocaine to the bar's patrons and were discovered with approximately 11 grams of the drug in their possession. The pair was charged on Friday with possession and sale of cocaine, as well as illegal possession of a weapon in their motor vehicle. After the bouncers posted bonds of $10,000 each, police released the two suspects.

According to police with the area's Organized Crime Unit, they received a tip that the two bouncers were operating with intent to distribute cocaine out of the bathroom of Stamford's Discovery Café on Stillwater Avenue and out of a vehicle in the café's parking lot. Friday evening at approximately 9 p.m., undercover police officers witnessed one of the bouncers parking a Jeep Cherokee behind the bar and approached the subject. The police informed the bouncer that they believed he might be selling cocaine on the bar's premises and requested permission to search him for drugs.

The bouncer consented, resulting in the search and seizure of four bags of cocaine, each containing 1.6 grams of the drug. The police also performed a search of the Jeep where they found a hidden compartment in the vehicle's center console containing 18 more small bags of cocaine weighing about 8.3 and 1.7 grams. According to police, this indicated possible drug distribution operation. While searching the car, police officers also discovered a pair of brass knuckles.

Drug offenses like intent to distribute and even simple drug possession come with serious consequences, including lengthy jail sentences. With a good defense attorney knowledgeable about the different sentences handed down on drug charges, such an individual's advice could prove invaluable in having the best chance at a positive outcome in the case.

Source: Stamford Advocate, "Stamford bouncers accused of selling cocaine" John Nickerson, Feb. 17, 2014

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