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Connecticut man arrested on domestic violence allegations


A recent arrest in Bridgeport brought a man from West Haven, Connecticut, into custody. Police were apparently looking for him in connection with an incident of domestic violence. They say that he attacked a victim multiple times. The man is 37 years old, but the age of the victim was not released.

Police allegations include choking the victim, kicking and striking him or her multiple times. The authorities also believe that the victim was not armed when this was happened. Furthermore, they reported that the victim had been hurt with a knife.

More than one victim may have been involved, though only one person appears to be at the center of the case. The police have also accused the man of threatening the child of the victim with the same knife, after grabbing and holding onto that child. It does not appear that the child was harmed, as no injuries were reported.

The police responded to the incident, but the man apparently got into the car that was owned by the victim and drove away from the scene. When police showed up at the address where he was in Bridgeport, he tried to run, but they chased him down on foot and apprehended him. He is now being held in jail with an unspecified bond, and he could be facing a number of different felony counts in the case.

No matter what someone is accused of doing or what criminal charges are brought against them, they always have the right to a fair trial and legal representation. They deserve to know that all of their personal rights will not be violated during the case and that due process will be observed.

Source: Source: WFSB, "Man arrested after serious domestic violence incident in West Haven," Rob Polansky, July 3, 2014