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Connecticut man pleads innocent to weapons charges


A Connecticut man entered an innocent plea on June 19 to charges of carrying a loaded handgun without a license, assault with a handgun, possession of a double-edged knife and unlicensed possession of a handgun. The charges stemmed from a March 23 incident in which he allegedly pointed the gun at another driver on Interstate 91.

According to police, the 36-year-old man was driving in traffic around 4 p.m. when he allegedly cut off another driver. The other driver told police that the 36-year-old argued with him and then forced his car into the breakdown lane of the highway before getting the gun out. The other driver also apparently had a gun but did not show the weapon to the 36-year-old, according to police. The 36-year-old told police a similar story, except he claims that the other driver was the aggressor.

When authorities responded to the alleged incident, the 36-year-old reportedly told officers that he had a Smith & Wesson .380 Bodyguard pistol that was loaded under his seat. The knife was also reportedly found in the car. The pretrial conference was scheduled for July 9.

In a situation like this one where there are conflicting accounts, a strong criminal defense strategy is vital. Felony charges, including assault, weapons and terroristic threats charges, can have life-long consequences, making it even more important that the timeline of events and all of the facts are accurately presented to the courts. Depending on the situation, a criminal law attorney can help defendants understand their options, from taking a plea bargain to going to trial.

Source: Daily Hampshire Gazette, "Connecticut man denies weapons charges resulting from road rage incident on Interstate 91 in Whately", June 20, 2014