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Judge says no bail for accused shoplifting millionaire


Residents in Connecticut don't often associate shoplifting with flight risk. But, prosecutors in another state have deemed a suspect to have good reason and the means to flee theft charges unless he is detained without bond. Defense counsel refuted the flight risk assertion because his client has strong ties to the community after a 17-year residence. It is also reported that he has no passport.

The charges stem from an investigation of multi-state incidences of shoplifting. The 58-year-old stands accused of allegedly stealing toys and other merchandise valued in the millions of dollars from stores in at least six states. It is further alleged that the man, in conjunction with his wife and daughter, then sold the goods on eBay. The other two family members are facing similar charges.

The suspect reportedly asserted his worth as negative $28,500. This claim was disputed by the federal prosecutor by confirming the family home alone is valued at about $1.4 million. According to the investigation, officials allege the three are connected to similar theft occurrences reported over the past 10 years. They contend the combined value of stolen merchandise sold on eBay by the trio to be $4.2 million.

An effective defense strategy is necessary when any type of criminal complaint is filed against an individual. Multiple suspects also charged with similar crimes may create defense opportunities within the more complex situation.

The federal judge has ordered this father to be detained, while his wife's detention hearing has been postponed for about a week to allow her to hire private counsel. A strong advocate for the defense will provide the best chance for an acceptable outcome for the defendant.

Source: Sun Times / NBC Connecticut, "Dad Accused of Stealing Millions in Toys Held Without Bail" No author given, Mar. 10, 2014