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No criminal charges filed for Connecticut man who shot son


A Connecticut man who shot and killed his own son, fearing that an intruder was breaking into his sister's home, will not face criminal charges in connection with the 2012 shooting.

In September 2012, residents of New Fairfield were on edge after a sexual assault was reported in their town. The man's sister, who lived next door, reported hearing noises and called her brother for help.

As the man moved toward the home next door, he saw someone wearing a ski mask and fiddling with the lock on his sister's front porch. As the father approached, the would-be intruder walked away and then hid behind a nearby vehicle. The would-be intruder then advanced towards the father while growling aggressively. The father ordered the would-be intruder to freeze and then saw a small, metal object in that person's hand.

The father opened fire and fired his gun seven times, thinking that his own life was in danger. The would-be intruder suffered multiple gunshot wounds and the father believed that the would-be intruder fired back at some point.

It was later found that the victim was the father's 15-year-old son. Investigators weren't able to determine why the son appeared to be breaking into his aunt's house. Toxicology reports found that the son didn't have any drugs in his system at the time of the incident.

During the investigation, the State's Attorney determined that the father believed the would-be intruder posed danger of imminent death. At the time, the father thought that deadly force was necessary to protect himself. He also cooperated fully with the investigation into the shooting and had a legal permit to own his weapon, a .45-caliber Glock handgun.

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Source:, "No charges for New Fairfield father who killed son" Rob Polansky, Mar. 14, 2014