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1 man, 1 woman facing criminal charges for drug crimes


Authorities in Connecticut have arrested a 30-year-old man on drug charges. The individual's aunt was also taken into custody during the drug bust. The two of them will now have to face several felony allegations in court.

The arrests were made after authorities conducted a drug crimes investigation on a Connecticut apartment complex. According to complaints, drug deals were allegedly taking place on the apartment complex grounds. Police investigations led authorities to focus on one particular apartment unit. Ultimately, authorities allege to have found multiple individuals engaged in drug transactions within the apartment.

Allegedly, one of the men in the apartment, who was reportedly in possession of multiple heroin bags, claimed that he had been a frequent customer of the arrested man for some time. After police investigated further into the residence, they say they found heroin, cocaine, a scale and other drug paraphernalia. They also say that they discovered narcotics packaging materials, cellphones, needles and other types of evidence.

Because this man and his aunt were arrested for conducting drug sales within proximity to a school, they could face even stiffer consequences if convicted in a court of law. However, they will remain innocent of the criminal charges brought against them until -- and only if -- they are proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

In the meantime, they will have the opportunity to defend themselves, try to get certain or all of their charges dropped or dismissed and achieve other favorable results in their criminal proceedings. Depending on the quality of the facts being presented against them, they may also decide to enter into a plea bargaining arrangement with the prosecution, which could yield a significant reduction in punishment.

Source: NBC Connecticut, "Man and Aunt Arrested in Drug Bust at Middletown Apartment" No author given, May. 07, 2014