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Connecticut man sentenced for felony assault

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A Connecticut man initially charged with attempted murder from a Feb. 22, 2012 incident in which he shot two of his supervisors at a New Britain hospital was sentenced on May 20. The 66-year-old man pleaded guilty in February to reduced charges of felony assault.

According to reports, the man was employed at the Hospital for Special Care as a maintenance worker and was subject to disciplinary action after he reportedly refused to perform a task. According to the prosecutor in the case, the man argued with a supervisor and was sent home. He apparently believed he had been fired and returned to the hospital with a gun, shooting and wounding two supervisors.

Police, including a helicopter and SWAT teams, responded to the incident, and the man was arrested around an hour afterward at his home. According to reports, the two supervisors suffered permanent injuries but survived the shooting. The man received a 20-year prison sentence for the felony assault charges.

High emotions and quick tempers can make for a perfect storm for violent crimes. In situations where defendants are facing felony charges, the consequences and possible penalties in the event of a conviction can be severe. While an acquittal is ideal, sometimes accepting a plea bargain to lesser charges can be in the defendant's best interests.

A guilty plea should not be entered lightly, however, and it is important for defendants to be fully informed of their options and the possible repercussions. Facing felony charges can be an overwhelming and even frightening experience for defendants, but having the appropriate guidance through the process can make a difficult situation as smooth as possible.

Source: NBC Connecticut, "New Britain Man to be Sentenced in 2012 Hospital Shooting" No author given, May. 17, 2014

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