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Blog Posts in October, 2014

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  • What constitutes burglary?
    What constitutes burglary?

    Theft, burglary and robbery are often interchangeable terms in common conversation, but legally, they are different things. While robbery and theft both involve obtaining someone else's property ...

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  • Criminal defense: Can my record be expunged?
    Criminal defense: Can my record be expunged?

    While the state of Connecticut does not have any provisions for the expungemnet of a criminal record, it does have a similar — and in some ways better — option known as an "erasure of criminal ...

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  • 2 charged with felonies after drug stop
    2 charged with felonies after drug stop

    Felony drug charges are especially serious as these types of offenses are prosecuted heavily and the penalties severe. There are several different angles that the defense can take depending on the ...

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  • Drug charges: Diversionary programs
    Drug charges: Diversionary programs

    When someone is charged with a crime, one of the first things that comes to mind is the possible consequences of a conviction. Depending on the severity of the charge, a conviction can mean anything ...

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