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6 Willimantic residents facing charges for synthetic marijuana


There are all kinds of illegal synthetic drugs popping up today. Just because the drugs are new, that doesn't mean that law enforcement and the legal system aren't prepared to deal with people accused of producing, selling or possessing them.

Here in Willimantic, six people were arrested earlier this month and are facing charges involving the possession of synthetic marijuana, intent to sell the drug and having drug paraphernalia. One of the defendants has been charged with operating a drug factory.

Police say that they are working to determine if the drug was laced with PCP or LSD. They also say that they expect more arrests.

Initially, four people were taken into custody after almost a dozen people reportedly became ill after using the drug. Three of the defendants were arrested after police allegedly witnessed drug sales and then found the drug in their vehicle. The more recent arrests occurred in a Vermont Drive apartment. The defendants whose ages were reported were all men and women in their 20s and 30s.

The impact of the drugs involved on those who ingested them may be continuing. On May 13, a young woman at Eastern Connecticut State University was taken to Windham Hospital after allegedly overdosing on synthetic marijuana. She was reportedly running around in traffic and removing her clothes. A spokesman for the Willimantic Police Department, however, says that while this latest event is "similar to the [earlier] incidents," so far they are "investigating this episode separately from those other events."

Drug charges of any kind can have serious legal repercussions. However, if the drugs involved cause harm or death to someone, those repercussions can be particularly severe. That's why anyone who is arrested for any type of drug crime should not try to deal with the legal system on their own. Experienced legal guidance can make a great deal of difference in your future following a drug-related arrest.

Source: Fox CT, "2 more arrested in Willimantic synthetic marijuana investigation," Doug Stewart, May. 07, 2015