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Connecticut educator arrested for DUI


A DUI arrest has consequences to anyone's life. However, for some people, it can mean the end of a job and potentially the end of a career. People who work in schools, for example, may suffer consequences that others may not -- particularly if they are convicted. After a dean of students who is also a football coach and physical education teacher at Ridgefield High School was arrested early this month for driving under the influence, he was placed on leave by his school district.

The 52-year-old man, who lives in Fairfield, Connecticut, reportedly told law enforcement that he was looking at a text when he went through an intersection and then struck a traffic sign and a tree. However, police say that they found an open bottle of vodka inside of his vehicle and smelled alcohol on him.

He was charged with DUI, distracted driving and other infractions, including not having a valid insurance card. He reportedly refused to have any blood or toxicology tests done, according to police, even though he was taken to the hospital because his blood pressure was elevated.

The school superintendent called the charges "concerning" and described the man, who has been with the high school for 16 years, as a "role model for Ridgefield High School students." She also called him a "valued member of the RHS faculty."

Charges involving DUI can have a significant impact on anyone's life, even if he or she doesn't make the news or result in a job suspension. There are multiple ways in which these charges can be challenged. That's why it's essential to seek legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected and that all potential challenges to the charges are explored.

Source: Connecticut Post, "Ridgefield dean of students cited for DUI in Farifield," Chris Mascaro, May. 06, 2015