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Connecticut teens arrested for Halloween portrayal of killers


You wouldn't think that you could get arrested for your choice of a persona for Halloween. However, that's what happened to two Connecticut high school students. The Litchfield High School sophomores were arrested the week after Halloween and taken to a juvenile detention center. They were charged with breach of peace and infliction of injury to persons or property.

What caused the uproar? The boys reportedly had dressed in clothes similar to those worn by the teens who committed the 1999 Columbine massacre. Their "costumes" included trench coats, baseball hats and sunglasses. They also allegedly threatened to harm others while they were in a public space in town on Halloween day, which was a Saturday.

According to Connecticut State Police, people "concerned about safety" reported the boys to the school, and the principal in turn called law enforcement. According to the school superintendent, the students wore "very inappropriate and alarming disguises."

The boys did not return to school in the days following Halloween weekend. According to a spokesperson for the superintendent, the district is in the process of expelling the students.

State troopers reportedly concluded that the teens posed no credible threat. However, troopers noted that they "take all threats to harm others, especially at schools, very seriously."

While it may be tempting for parents to let their children pay the price for bad behavior, it's important to remember that for juveniles accused of engaging in criminal behavior, the ramifications can extend beyond the justice system. Their education and prospects for the future can be seriously impacted. If your child has been arrested, it's essential to get experienced legal assistance as soon as possible to help ensure that his or her rights are protected.

Source: New York Times, "Charges for 2 Connecticut Students Said to Have Dressed Like Columbine Killers," Ashley Southall, Nov. 04, 2015