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Don't let a Black Wednesday DUI ruin your holidays


Everyone expects Connecticut law enforcement to be out in force once the holiday season begins and, with it, holiday parties and drinking and driving. However, many people may not realize that the night before Thanksgiving is actually among the top nights of the year for heavy drinking. There's even a name for it — Black Wednesday.

Law enforcement agencies around Connecticut and the rest of the country are all too aware of Black Wednesday. If you're out that night, you can likely expect to see checkpoints set up and extra patrol cars on the roads.

What is it that makes Black Wednesday a party night? It's a combination of factors. Students are home from college. People have returned home to visit family for the holiday. The night before Thanksgiving is a popular night to get together with friends and catch up on what you've been doing all year.

Bars, pubs and night clubs offer special Black Wednesday specials to attract these customers as well as people who just want a night of fun before the work of preparing Thanksgiving dinner and entertaining a houseful of people the next day.

If you choose to be among those who enjoy Black Wednesday at a local bar or other venue, don't do your own driving. An Uber ride is a lot less expensive than a drunk driving conviction. The company even offers special Black Wednesday promotions in some cities.

Nothing ruins Thanksgiving weekend (not to mention the rest of the holiday season) like a drunk driving arrest. You may think that being around family is torturous, but it beats spending an evening in a holding cell.

Of course, people make mistakes. If you are arrested for drunk driving, don't face the charges without an experienced Connecticut attorney by your side to protect your rights.

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