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October 2016 Archives

Elephant tranquilizer could be latest dangerous synthetic opioid

Yet another type of opioid is gaining popularity here in Connecticut -- so much so that the Department of Public Health has distributed a fact sheet from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration to local Connecticut emergency medical services on the drug.

Adderall use without a prescription is increasing among students

Prescription drugs that used to be chiefly prescribed to children for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are increasingly be used and abused by adults. They've become especially popular amount high school and college students (particularly those in elite, highly competitive universities) seeking the energy they need to juggle schoolwork, extracurricular activities and often part-time jobs or internships. In addition, they face the pressure of crushing student loan debt in an economy where unemployment rates for recent college graduates has been quite high.

New law aims to prevent rape kits from languishing untested

Rape kits include forensic evidence collected from alleged victims of sexual assault via a medical examination. However, many of these kits have sat dormant in crime labs and police warehouses, sometimes for years. Therefore, they have not been examined for DNA and other evidence that could be used to charge or exonerate a defendant. In some cases, women have had to file repeated extensions to prevent their rape kits from being destroyed without ever being tested.

Why do non-alcoholic energy drinks lead to more drunk driving?

Energy drinks have become ubiquitous on college campuses — not just to help students stay up all night to study or finish papers, but to help decrease the sedative effects of alcohol. Theoretically, at least, the more wide awake you are, the more alcohol you can consume.

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