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Billionaire Connecticut family faces third arrest this year


Greenwich has more than its share of extremely wealthy residents. However, that doesn't put them above the law. Harry Brant, the son of a billionaire businessman Peter Brant and former model Stephanie Seymour, is facing charges involving drug possession and resisting arrest late last month after he allegedly failed to pay his cab fare of $27.85.

Police were called after Brant reportedly fled the cab without paying the driver. When officers caught up to him, they say he initially denied having been in a cab, but later admitted that he didn't have enough money for the fare. When officers told him they were going to arrest him, he allegedly ran from them and had to be wrestled to the ground, where they say he continued to try to fight them off.

Brant reportedly didn't attempt to use his name to get special treatment. In fact, police say he refused to provide any identification. According to officers, when they searched him, he was in possession of a substance in a small plastic bag that tested positive for narcotics. He is now facing charges of narcotics possession, sixth-degree larceny and interfering with police.

Although Brant allegedly refused to give police his name, one of the officers recognized him. This isn't the first run-in with the law for the Brant family this year — or even the second. Brant's mother was charged with DUI in February. She avoided jail and will even be able to have the arrest expunged from her record if she successfully completes the accelerated rehabilitation program in which she was placed.

Harry Brant's brother, Peter Brant, Jr., was also arrested this year after he was forbidden to board an airplane because he was believed to be highly intoxicated. He allegedly shoved an officer with the Port Authority.

While having considerable money and influence can sometimes help people avoid serious criminal penalties, wealth and notoriety can also work against them. Regardless of who you are, having an experienced Connecticut criminal defense attorney by your side can help ease your journey through the justice system.

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