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Connecticut man facing federal charges for online threats


Being in custody doesn't protect people from being charged with additional crimes. A Stamford man who was taken into custody on July 15 after the FBI allegedly found more than two dozen guns, firearm components and a large number of rounds of ammunition. He is facing charges of unlawfully possessing unregistered high capacity magazines.

Now the 50-year-old man has been charged by a federal grand jury with making online threats. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, he made threats on the Internet toward Jewish people on three different occasions between the end of May and early July. He is now facing charges of making threatening communications online.

The threatening statements, according to the DOJ, were made on an Internet forum called He allegedly referred to Jewish people as "Satanists" and threatened to "slaughter them and burn their Synagogue to the ground…kids, goldfish, old folks." He also allegedly threatened to meet a person whom he believed to be Jewish at an ice cream store to "shoot or run over you."

The Internet is filled with all sorts of unpleasant sentiments these days. Many people believe that they can say whatever they want, because they're just words. The same is often true for e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and text communications. However, when those words make people feel unsafe or fear for their lives, they can cross over into illegal territory.

If you are facing criminal charges for threatening online communications, those charges need to be taken seriously. An experienced Connecticut criminal defense attorney can work to provide guidance and to protect your rights as you move through the justice system.

Source: Raw Story, "Man arrested in gun bust gets hit with more charges for threatening Jewish ‘Houses of Satan’," July 28, 2016